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Ayurveda Fundamentals and Internal Happiness
As a saying goes “beauty is skin deep;the inner self needs to be beautiful.”The inner self is beautiful when you feel beautiful inside your heart.That means happiness within.This ‘happiness within ‘ comes from good health.ayurceda fundamentals are based onan individual’s internal happiness.The equanimity of five sensesand mind which brings a balance in the metabolism leading to disease free condition.So healthy is happy.One important serious issue prevalent in today’s lifestyle which is an impediment in this ‘happiness’ …… any guesses…..its being overweight and obese. With this modern lifestyle people tend to put on weight easily.Abundant availability of resources around us makes us lazy.Obesity is lifestyle disorder and can lead to serious health hazards if overlooked time and again.So i am here to discuss how to lose weight. First of all ; physical exercise has a major role to play.any form of exercise like cycling,brisk walking,streching,aerobics if done on a regular basis help in losing weight considerably. Secondly ; when it comes to losing weight,one important fact that cannot be overlooked and has an important role to play ;is being active throughout the day.I have observed it in people with hormonal imbalances like PCOD and hypothyroidism.Moving here and there for your normal work routine can be a bit stressful physically but helps combat the laziness and helps in triggering the metabolism. Now; an equally important aspect to losing weight…..the diet.Our diet should be rich in fibres,proteins,sufficient dose of vitamins and minerals,ample fruits and veggies,enough water .Of course low on carbohydrates.Keep your diet up to the mark so as to avoid constipating yourself. Eating healthy food is important but at the same time monitoring its quantity is equally importantIf we go on eating diet foods in large quantities,it is a likely possibility of gaining weight inspire of losing it. Almonds are a rich source of energy for those who want to lose weight.They have less caloric value but contain essential nutrients for the body.One can eat six to seven almonds early morning soaked overnight.almonds are good for skin ,eyes and heart. eating oats and muesli is good.These are less on caloric scale but rich in fibres and energy ;are filling as well. Curtailing your dinner quantity will add fuel to the fire.If dinner meal quantity is lessened ,you are going to loose weight surely.This works well in PCOD patients. Fatty and oily food is a must no no.Reducing the sugar content is again a key to losing weight. Some help can be taken through ayurvedic medicines.Obese people have bloated abdomen,hyperacidity which slows down the metabolism.So we can correct the metabolisem with the medicines and incorporating herbal formulations and herbs like alma which is a wonderful herb in itself. So eat healthy and be happy!!
  • Dabur is very huge pharmaceutical company I have ever seen. The parameters they are following are vast and surprising. They follow all the protocols of GMP, moreover beyond the GMP. We would definitely go by their products.

    Dr Shilpa G. Patil, IMS, BHU, Varanasi

  • I Will definitely use Dabur Products, after visiting DRDC I felt that dabur products have complete therapeutic value

    Dr Chaya Gupta, Deptt of Rasa Shastra, IMS, BHU

  • Asav Wooden vats, large scale Kajjali production, ointment gel preparation, Tablet manufacturing etc… all procedures are followed as per texts.

    Dr Rakesh Brahmshankar, IMS, BHU

  • Markets have different opinion about Dabur, but after our visit really I feel proud that dabur way of product preparing & packaging is absolutely superb.

    Dr Thakur Rakesh Singh, MD, Ras Shastra, BHU

  • I had perception that Dabur Asavs are made in steel tank, but after my visit I was convinced that they follow texts to make asavs, RO water and Wooden vats were excellent.

    Dr Anoop Krishna Gupta, Deptt of Rasa Shashtra, BHU

  • This pharmaceutical company is really a unique unit full of all the facilities. I have personally witnessed the same… I will definitely use dabur products in my practise.

    Dr Minati Bhuyan, Puri, Orissa

  • I witnessed new methods of testing of medicines in Laboratory which I never seen during my Course.

    Dr Karuna Kadu, Amravati, Maharashtara

  • The Procedure and criteria which are followed by Dabur in manufacturing medicines are so scientific, it is based on modern techniques.

    Dr Dhananjay Saurkar, Amravati, Maharashtara

  • This visit taught me lot of things about the production of medicines which we had read in books. I had never seen these kind of machines before.

    Dr Vandana Mohan, Puri, Orissa

  • All types of machines are available here. As far as my knowledge is concerned, these give me a valuable experience about the knowledge of preparation of medicines

    Dr Ajay kumar Meher, Cuttuck, Orissa

  • After visiting Dabur manufacturing unit my perception has totally changed. I will definitely recommend dabur classical medicines to my patients

    Dr Minati Bhuyan, Puri, Orissa

  • Dabur Factory was very amazing, all facilities were good. The quarantine area and the Tail pak sector were hygenic and all stuff was managed neatly.

    Dr Arpita Sahu, Puri, Orissa