• Dabur is very huge pharmaceutical company I have ever seen. The parameters they are following are vast and surprising. They follow all the protocols of GMP, moreover beyond the GMP. We would definitely go by their products.

    Dr Shilpa G. Patil, IMS, BHU, Varanasi

  • I Will definitely use Dabur Products, after visiting DRDC I felt that dabur products have complete therapeutic value

    Dr Chaya Gupta, Deptt of Rasa Shastra, IMS, BHU

  • Asav Wooden vats, large scale Kajjali production, ointment gel preparation, Tablet manufacturing etc… all procedures are followed as per texts.

    Dr Rakesh Brahmshankar, IMS, BHU

  • Markets have different opinion about Dabur, but after our visit really I feel proud that dabur way of product preparing & packaging is absolutely superb.

    Dr Thakur Rakesh Singh, MD, Ras Shastra, BHU

  • I had perception that Dabur Asavs are made in steel tank, but after my visit I was convinced that they follow texts to make asavs, RO water and Wooden vats were excellent.

    Dr Anoop Krishna Gupta, Deptt of Rasa Shashtra, BHU

  • This pharmaceutical company is really a unique unit full of all the facilities. I have personally witnessed the same… I will definitely use dabur products in my practise.

    Dr Minati Bhuyan, Puri, Orissa

  • I witnessed new methods of testing of medicines in Laboratory which I never seen during my Course.

    Dr Karuna Kadu, Amravati, Maharashtara

  • The Procedure and criteria which are followed by Dabur in manufacturing medicines are so scientific, it is based on modern techniques.

    Dr Dhananjay Saurkar, Amravati, Maharashtara

  • This visit taught me lot of things about the production of medicines which we had read in books. I had never seen these kind of machines before.

    Dr Vandana Mohan, Puri, Orissa

  • All types of machines are available here. As far as my knowledge is concerned, these give me a valuable experience about the knowledge of preparation of medicines

    Dr Ajay kumar Meher, Cuttuck, Orissa

  • After visiting Dabur manufacturing unit my perception has totally changed. I will definitely recommend dabur classical medicines to my patients

    Dr Minati Bhuyan, Puri, Orissa

  • Dabur Factory was very amazing, all facilities were good. The quarantine area and the Tail pak sector were hygenic and all stuff was managed neatly.

    Dr Arpita Sahu, Puri, Orissa